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Characteristics of the building

El Viver Badalona Centre is a residential building with top quality finishes, designed for your convenience and that of your family.

Tres Habitat is offering a promotion with fifteen 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes, all boasting a terrace or large balcony, storerooms, 1 business premises and parking spaces.

This new promotion has a covered community space with excellent sea views. The company entrance will be from no.1 of President Companys.

The future pedestrianisation, envisaged for Calle Francesc Layret, will merge the promotion with the landmark area of the centre.

El Viver Badalona Centre is a corner building whose façade gives out onto President Companys and Francesc Layret, a feature that allows all its constituent homes to enjoy a terrace or balconies with clear views.

The works project has been undertaken by the prestigious studio CC245 Arquitectos, carefully designed down to the last detail, and the avant-garde design and quality lend this promotion its own unique spirit.

It has been opted for maximum energy efficiency, thereby optimising consumption.

The terrace

Thanks to the community terrace located on the roof of the building, you can enjoy the Skyline of the coast with amazing sea views.

The terrace has a swimming pool, a solarium area so you can enjoy sunny days, a chill out area and a social-gourmet space where you can share meals or dinners in the open air.

To facilitate your maximum enjoyment of this space, you will have community WIFI, which you can connect to on the terrace.